Hello CliqMeet users,

We have exciting news to share. CliqMeet is joining Sococo!

Like CliqMeet, Sococo is a real-time collaboration solution provider. As you know, CliqMeet is great at one-click meetings and training presentations. Sococo, on the other hand, has invented an immersive experience for the online workday, tailored to virtual and distributed work teams. Innovative elements from CliqMeet's solution will be integrated into Sococo to make online interactions more frictionless, and the CliqMeet solution will no longer be offered as a separate solution.        

I’d like to take a minute to fill you in on Sococo, and why we think the new solution, combining both into one, might go further to serve your needs.

Sococo creates an online space for people interactions using a patented map metaphor. The map, plus availability indicators, provide an innate awareness of what’s happening around you. Virtual teams “go to work” in Sococo.

When you download Sococo’s software, you can co-locate online with your team and spontaneously connect with colleagues, wherever they are – on the same or different floor, city or country. Getting together with nearby or far-flung colleagues is as easy as knocking on a door to pop into a virtual office, utilizing full video and audio. Teams assemble for meetings and can fire up multiple screens to share information without any clumsy logins, PINs or transfers of the presenter role. When the meeting is over, you can return to your private virtual office or join others in another meeting room.

We believe Sococo creates a better way to work together. We also believe Sococo creates a better way to learn together.

Imagine this training experience. Once the integration of CliqMeet with Sococo is complete, you will sign in from the Web – no software download will be required. Arriving in the lobby of an online meeting space or classroom, you can see the entire space layout and click to gather with others or go to your assigned breakout room.

While no one outside a room can see or hear what’s being shared inside, everyone in the meeting space can tell at a glance what’s happening in each room. It’s instantly clear who is present, who is talking and who is listening. And, who’s sharing information on one or more of the multiple screens. It’s super simple for a facilitator – or anyone else, for that matter – to drop into a room, as long as the door is not closed.

In other words, you can join a nearby conversation as casually as you might in person – with a single click. For the educator who moves from breakout session to breakout session, and then calls everyone back to the classroom for a debrief, the experience is as easy as the physical training center.

Sounds interesting.  But what does all of this mean for me?

We are very excited about the new solution, but we understand that it may not meet your particular needs going forward. For that reason, we will extend the operation of CliqMeet until September 15th to ensure that you will have ample time to explore Sococo and then migrate to other solutions if it does not meet your current or future requirements. We will follow this plan:

  • From June 1st until September 15th, 2015, while we migrate CliqMeet’s core functionality to Sococo, you will continue to have access to the Cliqmeet service for free. After September 15th, we will retire the CliqMeet platform.

  • While we focus on integration, new signups to CliqMeet will be closed. Existing users can use CliqMeet as-is with basic support. However, no new features will be added.

  • We will be scheduling a webinar in early June to demonstrate Sococo and help you explore how it fits your collaboration needs. Be on the lookout for further announcements.

We understand that this change is both exciting and challenging. Please send any questions or comments you may have to support@sococo.com . We will do our best to help you chart the right course with Sococo going forward.

In closing, I’d like to personally thank you for your business. Please be assured that all of us on the Sococo Team are committed to making this transition a positive one.



Philipp Seeser, CliqMeet Founder
& new member of The Sococo Team

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